Online portfolio: laurasmithcreates.com

My parents’ dog Bailey and I. Cute, isn’t she?

Hey! I’m Laura. I’m currently a graduate student at Elon University studying Interactive Media.  I’m proud to say I went to Elon as an undergrad as well.

I started this blog originally when I was consumed in the world of digital media and ‘Web 2.0″ journalism my senior year of college. Since then, things have changed a bit. I began a career in digital marketing, only to discover I was not happy and missed writing too much. I then moved on to the corporate office of a major furniture retailer for a copywriting position. But as stimulating as cranking out copy about upholstered sofas and table veneers were (…), I wanted to learn more.

So here I am, hoping to learn all I can about social media marketing, design, web development and more! Ultimately, I would like to be working for a news organization or non-profit as a digital content manager, overseeing all the digital projects for that company.

The name of my blog is explained in my original “About me” overview (see below).  Since then, it has changed a bit but I think you’ll agree a similar idea is there.


Welcome to my blog! As a recent college graduate,  I am fortunate enough to be entering the professional world when social media and digital technology are no longer entertainment outlets for young 20-somethings but integral tools in the workplace.

I am a 2010 graduate of Elon University with a degree in journalism and psychology. Therefore, believing that new technologies seen in the journalism and communications industries are changing the way people view the world and interact with others is essentially my bag. We all still have something to learn about they way these new platforms will affect our lives and personally, I find it very exciting that we are the ones to start a trend that most likely will last forever.


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