From shab to fab

photo (40)
Table: before

Well maybe shab isn’t the word to use…more like outdated. And that’s what this table should be considering it was made sometime in the late 1800’s. (I’m guessing. This is only an assumption taken from the manufacturer tag on the bottom)…but I digress. I came upon this solid wood and marble coffee table while out on a run on Atlanta’s Beltline a few weeks ago. The super eclectic, super fun, super expensive antique store/venue space Paris on Ponce was having a back deck sale and this piece just so happened to be one of the lucky ones chosen.

photo (39)
Apparently the piece was made by the Barkey Furniture Co., which went out of business in the 70s and was based in Grand Rapids, MI.


After purchasing the table for only $60 (originally $400, go me!), Adam and I decided it was time to spruce it up a bit. So we took a trip to Home Depot, bought a ton of sanding paper, stain and gloss polyurethane. After an afternoon of sand flying, cats sneezing, beer drinking and painting, it was complete.

Table: after!



While we didn’t do much, I’m proud of how it turned out. Lucky enough the solid piece of marble (which seriously weighs about 100 lbs) lifts right out of the frame and made for an easy project. It definitely beats the tacky, cheap-looking IKEA table we had before!




What’s your favorite piece you’ve given a makeover?


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