Two thumbs up for Two Urban Licks

It’s no lie that Atlanta is a prime destination for foodies. After living here for three years this spring (my time spent here in high school doesn’t count), I’ve acquired names upon names of local restaurants I want to try. From American to Italian to Caribbean, the options are endless.  However, being on a strict budget and watching my finances has hindered me from accomplishing my culinary tour of the area.

So that’s why I decided to splurge on my boyfriend for his birthday this month. I narrowed down the restaurants I wanted to try, passed the list around to several coworkers and got the same consensus from each – “You MUST go to Two Urban Licks.”  So that’s what we did. (Sidenote, I was too engrossed in the foodgasms of this restaurant to take any photos besides the cake photo, hence the courtesy captions).

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First of all, the atmosphere is incredibly inviting (after you get over the fact you are literally walking into a warehouse). Dark, warm and a little noisy. A huge (and I mean huge) mural on the wall is definitely a conversation starter if you are looking for one. The gas-powered candles and huge red lamp lights will also spark some intrigue. When you walk in, the aroma of fresh-cooking meat will greet you. That’s because 2UL has a wood fire grill and a (again) HUGE rotisserie that slow cooks each piece of brisket, chicken and more. Hungry yet?

We started off with beef empanadas and mussels. The empanadas were moist and delicious, served with garlic aioli, pico de gallo and feta. The mussels were soaking in a tangy tomato bacon broth and were served with ciabatta bread for sopping the broth up after the mussels were gone.

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For our entree, Adam got the veal and I got the scallops. Now, let me tell you, I’m not a big veal fan but I must have stolen about 10 bites from him. The blackened veal was served with osso buco (aka bone marrow), butternut squash, brussel sprouts and anaheim peppers, all topped off with a red wine demi glaze. It was delicious and I crossed trying bone barrow off from my bucket list …OK it was never actually on my bucket list, but just go with it.

My scallops were equally as delicious. My only disappointment was that there were only three of them. But considering they were served with gouda grits, pico de gallo and smoked tomato broth (all amazing), the meal turned out to be richer than I would have thought so it probably was a perfect portion.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Dessert was a piece of carrot cake, served with cream cheese ice cream. The chef was kind enough to write “Happy birthday” in chocolate sauce across the plate.

photo (37)

But out of all of this scrumptious food, let us not forget about the wine. OH, the WINE. 2UL is unique in that it ages and serves its wine straight from the barrel. What’s more is you can order carafes of the varietal of your choice – mini, small, medium, large, you pick! We went with a merlot, a reisling and a chardonnay (I should have written down the names!). Between the two of us, it was a lot of wine, but it’s a celebration, so why not celebrate? They also have specialty cocktails and draft and bottled beer so don’t forget those.

So if you’re looking for the perfect date out, a night out with the girls or somewhere to show out-of-town guests what the Atlanta food scene is all about, 2 Urban Licks will not disappoint!

See the entire menu here.


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