Christmas crafting

Aaah, Christmas. Time to break the bank to buy friends and relatives gifts they don’t even need! I’m feeling a tad Grinch-y this year, can ya tell? ūüėČ Handmade gifts, as long as they’re done right, are always a good option. They show you put some effort and thought into what you give the recipient. This particular project, DIY hand dotted tumblers, was taken straight from Pinterest (of course) and involved three easy steps:



1) Hand-paint glass tumblers with acrylic paint by using cotton swabs to make a sea of colorful dots.
2) Place upside down in a cold oven.
3) Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

That’s it! I experimented too, and ran one through the¬†dishwasher. ¬†No fading whatsoever! Merry Christmas and happy crafting!



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