Baking for a cause

Today my company had our second bake sale to raise money for the Making Strides campaign. Normally I’m not one to jump at the opportunity to bake for lots of other people. I have a paranoia that the outcome is going to be botched or burned goodies, leaving me with nothing to offer. But this time I decided to go a safe route with a recipe I got from a friend who got the original recipe here. While I’ve baked A LOT of cupcakes in my day, I’ve never tried filling them. Well, folks, I can say the first attempt was a success! I give you Nutella-filled strawberry cupcakes.

I do have to admit I cheated a bit and used canned frosting (the horror!) but considering I started baking these at about 11 p.m. last night and was up until 1 a.m. frosting, decorating and packaging, I don’t feel THAT bad about it. In the future though, it’s homemade frosting all the way. Enjoy! And try not to lick the screen 😉



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