Happy birthday? Love, Facebook

So let me start by saying this is not an attack on anyone and no, I’m not angry.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, I wanted to discuss something I find odd but maybe it really isn’t. I have talked a lot in the past about how social media has evolved the way we communicate with one another. We find out breaking news on Twitter before an online news site, we define our romantic relationships based on our Facebook relationship status (anyone still use the term “FBO,” aka “Facebook official?”) and we talk to friends and loved ones on the Internet instead of the telephone.

While I am all for utilizing the power of social media, yesterday I came across the first time in maybe my life where I somewhat disliked it. Yesterday was my 25th birthday (crying in a corner over being a quarter of a century old) so of course, I had tons (80+ to be exact) of posts on my Facebook wall wishing me a happy day. Let me just say that I love that feature of Facebook. Besides my best friends and my parents, I have no clue when anyone’s birthday is ( I mean, does anyone?). So I love that I can write to friends and acquaintances wishing them a good day even if it’s been awhile since we talked or even if we’re not in touch anymore.

Yesterday, I expected Facebook wishes from all the usual friendly suspects. Friends I hadn’t caught up with in awhile or no longer spoke to, and family who I don’t speak to on a regular basis (didn’t get one wish from any of my cousins, yeah calling you three out on that one… 😉 ) But I was very surprised to see that some of my closest friends, those I spend my weekends with and text throughout the day about Saturday plans  didn’t pick up their phone to give me well wishes, they wrote on my Facebook wall.

So my question is, is this weird? Is this what my generation has come to? Like I said, I love social media but darn it, if it’s one of my closest friends birthdays, you better believe I’m going to take five seconds to pick up the phone and AT LEAST text them.  Then again, I’ve always considered birthdays a big deal, not just my own, and can usually be found texting, calling and Facebooking my best friends on their birthdays all within the same hour. I know not everyone is the same way though, some people just don’t think there’s much to celebrate. Maybe it’s my selfish only-child syndrome rearing its ugly head, who knows.

I’m not hurt and I’m not angry. After all a few of these people were good friends who made me feel very special this past weekend at my bday celebration and went out of their way to make sure I had a good time. So, basically, I’m just perplexed.  For someone who considers herself almost an expert in social media communication, it confuses me as to why a good friend would not take 5 seconds to send a quick text. To me, Facebook birthday wall posts are fairly impersonal. If we spend a lot of time together and you know you can rely on me to be a shoulder to cry on if you’re dealing with a tough time, why not pick up the phone and call or text?

So friends, am I the weird one here or should I start reevaluating my friendships? (Kidding).


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday? Love, Facebook

  1. Caroline Niziol (@sparrowlight)

    I think you’re fine to be annoyed — it’s much more personal to call or text. If a random acquaintance has a birthday on Facebook, then I will just wish them happy birthday there. If it’s a closer friend, I’ll add on a text or a call. Although … I am realizing I did not text YOU on your birthday so feel free to be miffed. 🙂

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