Chevron chic

Well, yet again, I have failed to write for two months. But hey, at least it’s because I’m busy writing for my new job and a freelance gig on the side! I realized a few weeks ago that because of industry I’m in now, the content of what I write may change a bit. No longer am I immersing myself in digital marketing and advertising, but have moved on to print advertising, copywriting and subjects like interior design, fashion and entertaining.

Source: Pinterest


Basically anything goes now, so for my first attempt at fashion/style blogging, I give you chevron!


The Chevron pattern was recently recognized as the pattern of the year. It is reminiscent of the retro décor seen in the 1970s and is essentially a series of inverted Vs.



Here are a few of my ideas on how to use the pattern:

– A chevron rug in your entryway shows guests you’re not bland with your decorating style. Choose one in bright hues or neutral colors!

Source: Pinterest

– Curtains with this pattern break up a solid-painted room. For an eye-opening look, try pairing a simple black and white or brown and white chevron curtain with a solid tangerine or orange wall.

– Paint on the pattern! Use painter’s tape to cover a solid wall with the motif, or revamp your bookcases with chevron painted on the back wall.

Source: West Elm

– Make your own headboard! This can be as easy as constructing the frame out of wood and covering with a chevron-patterned fabric. For more comfort, add some padding between the fabric and the board.

Source: West Elm



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