Twitter best practice No. 487: Don’t hunt down my number, you creeper

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Yesterday around 3 p.m., that number called me again. The same number with a California area code that has called me once a week for three weeks.  The same number I always screen and let it go to voicemail but one is never left.

So finally, yesterday I decided to answer it and find out who the relentless caller was.  Not expecting to actually hear a person, I was surprised when it was a representative from an email marketing company I had heard from awhile back.

Now, let me fill you in on the point to this whole post. The reason I got the initial call from the company three weeks ago (and every week since then) was due to a tweet I put out asking for suggestions on new email marketing services. Just by using the hashtag #emailmarketing, this company found my tweet and  creepily enough, my work number and cell number (considering they called on both phones several times). Not going to lie, I’m a little creeped out. Yes, I have my blog linked to my Twitter account but no where on it do I have my work number or even more, my cell number!

I’m sitting here currently making a mental note if they call back to ask how they found my number….

Anyways, it brings up the issue: if something is on the Internet and available to the public, how far is too far to respond? Why couldn’t this company just tweet me back or send me a direct message on Twitter? Why did they have to go so far to track down both of my phone numbers?

I think the situation leads me to two points: 1) Remember best practices of Twitter and online content (aka don’t be a creeper and seek out people’s phone numbers if not prompted) and 2) Keep in mind that everything you post (such as tweets) are public and can be read by anyone.


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