Snail mail? Huh?

This post is a tad embarrassing, but I’m writing it anyway. Today I am going to explain how I discovered I am totally and completely a product of the digital era.

Well, to begin with, I got moved into my apartment in July. I got cable in August.  With my cable package, I have two bills to pay: one for the cable and one for the bundle with the Internet. So for the past two months, I’ve been paying the $12.99 to DirectTV, thinking it seemed a little low, but oh well, I’m young and poor so I’m not going to question it!

So imagine my surprise when I got a paper…yes I’ll say that again…paper statement in the mail from the main Cable/Internet company telling me my bill was three months overdue.

There it was: proof that I failed to recognize that not everything is done on the Internet these days. I had assumed that when I gave them my email address, I would automatically be given an online bill and all the while, probably had thrown the past paper bills away, thinking they were nothing.

Isn’t it funny? We are so dependent on the Internet now that we forget that tasks can be done otherwise (unless you’re my mother who still does everything via snail mail and the phone). Internet productivity is a good thing for convenience, but can cause problems when you’re three months late on your cable bill!

I put that bill in the mail…yes in an envelope with a stamp…today and will be signing up for paperless billing tomorrow 🙂


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