Plan your wedding, new home design or next meal

First off, this is not a paid endorsement or anything of that nature; it is just another post on yet another fabulous social media site I have fallen in love with. It’s called Pinterest. For all you women out there, you know when you walk into an Anthropologie store in the mall and every sense seems to be on alert for good smells, good music and even better clothes? Well this site is similar. I just discovered it last week and have been enthused since.

You know that Facebook allows you to list your interests so your followers can see. Well, Pinterest takes that idea one step further. The basic concept is to post photos of different products, food, quotes or clothing  to a “board.” Think of one of those cork boards  you had on your lime green wall in your bedroom as a teen. Your followers can view your “pins” and “repin” those they like too. Each board is a different category. See my categories here.

Sure, it”s great, but what’s the point? Well besides the obvious of being another social site to tinker around, it’s just another way to share information with each other. Planning your wedding and found the perfect dress? “Pin” it so others can see. Found the ultimate centerpiece? Pin that too. Your old sorority sister planning her wedding too might love the idea as well and find a way to use it (just hope you won’t be at each others’ weddings!). I can’t even tell you how many recipes I’ve found that I’m excited to try out. Pretty neat huh? Happy pinning!


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