“I want to run through the halls of my high school”

You might know those lyrics from John Mayer’s 1999 hit, “No Such Thing.” In it, he describes how he has gone from being a kid to an adult, living in the “real world” and wanting to go back to the days of ease and innocence in high school, which he will experience at his 10-year reunion.

Two high school friends and I back in the halls of Blessed Trinity Catholic HS!

Well, that was my thought this past weekend, when I went back to my five-year high school reunion. Yes, I will admit, I felt a little bit lame going back after only five years but honestly, I thought it would be pretty entertaining, as it ended up being. My super-conservative Catholic high school mixed things up a little and actually served us beer and wine. There’s no feeling quite like being slightly tipsy from white wine in the halls of your high school, when you’re allowed to be.

Being back made me think about how I’ve changed in the past five years (no longer shy, confidence, my terrible bleached out blonde hair is back to it’s natural color, thinner, better skin etc. etc.) but it also made me think about all the things that have changed in the world in the past five years. Here is a list of personal and national significant events since 2006:

August 2006 – Went to college

November 2006Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging by an Iraqi court

February 2007 – Initiated into Alpha Omicron Pi sorority

January 2008 – Studied abroad in London, Wales and Paris

August 6, 2008 – Turned 21

November 2008 – Barack Obama is elected president, becoming the first African American to be president

2008 –  Financial crisis hit (worst since the Great Depression back in 1929)

2009 – Swine flu outbreak

June 25, 2009 – Michael Jackson dies

January 2010 – Haiti Earthquake

April 2010 – Gulf Coast oil spill

April 2010 – Apple iPad is introduced

May 2010 – Graduated College

June 2010 – Started my first job

July 2010 – Moved to Atlanta


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