Facebook = big brother?

Yesterday, while ironically enough reading about Facebook’s new facial recognition capabilities, a friend sent me an article about the trials and tribulations of deleting an account. Apparently, it’s not that easy. On top of requiring an obscene amount of time, Facebook goes right to the heart by telling you all of your friends who will “miss you.” Really? Have your Facebook friends become so important to you that you will actually shed a tear over “leaving” them forever? Probably not.

To go back to my mention of the facial recognition, in a few weeks Facebook will scan all images posted to the site and suggest the names of people who appear in the frame. While, Facebook is allowing users to opt-out of this feature, it still creeps me out personally. These two recent discoveries made by yours truly has made me question how much privacy we really do have, not just when it comes to Facebook, but all social media. I love SM and use it often in my personal and professional life, but I have to ask, how much is too much?

For even more proof that Facebook and other social media are taking over the world, check out this video.


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