Aaah the power of Twitter

So tonight I wanted to write a little bit about my personal experience with the power of Twitter. Before I get started though, did you know that since April 2010, Twitter has gained 40 million users and a 62 percent increase in mobile use? That’s a lot.

Anyways, here’s my story. So the other day, Feb. 24 to be exact, I was curious to find out how much traffic this blog was getting. And mind you, I’ve only been frequently posting for about two months now so I knew it wouldn’t be much. So I headed to the WordPress Dashboard on this account and saw that as of about 12 p.m., not one person had looked at the blog. Not surprising but still a tad disappointing. Don’t want to think I’m writing for no one, right?

So I figured to get some attention to my blog, I would tweet out the link. Of course I’ve done this multiple times before but never took the time to analyze if tweeting the blog would have any effect on the traffic. Well it did. At about 12:10, ten minutes later, 16 people had viewed my blog. Now, I know this isn’t a lot but considering it had had zero views over the past few days and now it just got 15 views in ten minutes, that’s pretty good. It also helped that two of my tweeps retweeted my tweet (say that five times fast). For those of you who might be Twitter illiterate, that meant that two of my followers on Twitter re-posted by tweet. By the end of the day there had been many more views, and February 24 still shows the highest traffic in the past few weeks.

I feel like all of this is so obvious but it does go to show that Twitter is more than just a tool to tell your friends what sandwich you ate for lunch or where you just bought a new pair of shoes from. It really can be a marketing tool and a way to brand not only products and ideas but yourself too.


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