More than half of Verizon smartphone owners will switch to the iPhone4 (including me!)

**I don’t like to post articles I’ve already written for my work blog but I felt like I should share this one since I definitely relates to me too!**

Thursday is the day that hundreds of thousands of eager want-to-be iPhone owners have been waiting for. The iPhone will begin selling on the Verizon network on Feb. 10 and according to a recent survey, about half of Verizon smartphone users said they plan to switch to the Verizon iPhone once it is available. Yes, I am one of these people as well. While I will not name the smartphone I have, you can be assured that I will be switching to the iPhone in the next few months. Not because I don’t like my current phone, but because I want an iPhone THAT badly.

Like I said, I’m not alone. The market research firm uSamp recorded responses of more than 700 current smartphone owners on the Verizon network. According to the survey, about 66 percent of BlackBerry users on Verizon plan to make the switch in addition to 44 percent of Android owners. Total, 54 percent of Verizon smartphone owners plan to switch to the iPhone 4.

Why are they switching? The majority said for the mobile interface (one of the main reasons I plan on switching), the memory, the camera, the media features and the web browser. In addition, uSamp said 26 percent of current AT&T iPhone users would switch to Verizon.


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