Brought back to reality

No real newsworthy or profound post here, but just some random thoughts that I had the past few days. It started on Friday night as my friend and I drove up to a friend’s cabin in Helen, Ga to spend a weekend in the mountains. We had her “trusty” GPS to help us navigate to the cabin in the dark but it proved to be useless. First, it took us to the wrong road. It didn’t help that there were three roads in the area with the same name, but still, that was fail No.1. Then when we ended up at a fork in the woods that looked like it went seemingly nowhere, we of course tried calling my friend who had already made it to the cabin. No reception. That was fail No.2.  We eventually made it after an hour of dropped calls, static reception and actually lots of laughter. Mind you, I could be considered a “young professional” and my friend driving attends one of the best law schools in the country. Clearly intelligence is no match for cut-out cell reception and a faulty GPS.

My second related thought was produced today. Atlanta was hit with one of the worst “snowstorms” in history last night. Six inches of snow fell on the city and every school in the area was closed. Most offices were also closed, including mine. So right now, at exactly 3:30 p.m., I am a prisoner to my two-bedroom apartment with my roommate, her fiance, her dog and for once, too much time on my hands.

Sure, I could go outside and take a walk and fully plan to a little later, but the fact that I never learned to drive in the snow and ice (even though I lived up North for 10 years) is deterring me from driving anywhere.

So here’s my point: In 2011, an era that was once to only have been believed to be in futuristic storybooks 100 years ago, a year that is sure to see personal robots and remote controls powered by nothing but a finger and thin air, we are still brought back to reality that not everything is so easy. These two situations in the past 72 hours have made me stop and think about how I take technology and the ease at which we live nowadays for granted. Sure, we may be able to communicate with loved ones in real-time half a world away but up in a mountain, we are unable to call a friend for directions. Or hop on over to the supermarket on a snowy day because even if the employees were even working, the drive is too risky.

I will say one thing I’m not taking for granted though -the fact that technology and cloud-based services HAVE allowed me to get some work done on this snowed-in day. While this might not be the ideal way to spend a snow day, at least I can go to sleep tonight feeling a little bit productive.

So either way you want to look at it, we’re never far from reality bringing us back to the fact that as advanced as our society is today, it is no match for cell reception or the weather.


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