Trees and….Technology?

In the process of doing some research for a work presentation on QR codes (quick response) codes, I came across this photo. First of all, for those of you who may not know what this interesting symbol is, it is very similar to a bar code. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera, you can access data about the product or location where the QR code is printed. For example, when you scan the code on a tag from a new vintage Kendall-Jackson wine bottle, the Kendall-Jackson web page will show up on your smartphone with tasting notes, accolades and a food pairing video. Pretty cool concept, huh?

In this photo, you can see an example of how a QR code is used to attract visitors to a destination. While we don’t know what park or forest this might be, it is assumed that when the hiker or trailblazer scans the code on the sign, information about the location they are in will be sent to them on their smartphone.

Personally, I think this photo shows an example of where we have been and where we’re headed. We have the quiet, serene woods where people hike, run or just stroll along in for a weekend getaway, something people have done since the dawn of time. Then there’s a brand new technological platform right in front of them that allows them to know more about the woods they might only think of as a brief escape. We can no longer just be among nature anymore – which some might see as a downfall in terms of where society is heading – but we’re finding out that there’s something more to learn even among the simplest of pastimes and places.


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